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Built On Integrity

Services and Priorities

With clear communication, quality workmanship, and reliability, we strive to exceed clients' expectations on every project.


Our Services

Pre-Construction Preparation

We are successful because we go the extra mile to  understand your needs before construction begins.

At a minimum, we will meet with you to define your project goals and the scope of construction. In situations where we are working with multiple stakeholders (for example, when government or not-for-profit agencies are involved) we use our experience to ensure that communication channels are defined, project details are clearly understood and everyone is working efficiently together.

Maloney Contractors

Working With the Community

We work with the community to ensure your project meets bylaw standards and satisfies local building codes, as well as health and safety standards.

Our Clear Communication Promise

Despite the best planning, many factors, like supply challenges, project scope changes and budget constraints can affect project timelines. We place special emphasis on communicating clearly with all stakeholders throughout the construction process. Because of this commitment, we receive many positive comments from clients about our communication expertise.


Prioritizing the Environment

We are environmental leaders, and we will thoroughly investigate and address environmental considerations that could affect a project.

Many of our projects comply with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, meaning that they lower carbon emissions, conserve resources, and reduce operating costs by utilizing sustainable practices.

To hear more about the services and priorities that drive our business forward, contact us.