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Maintaining Worksite Safety

Safety First


The Right To Be Safe

Safe Sites Save Lives

For Maloney Contractors, worksite safety is a priority.

We believe that our employees have the right to be safe as they work, and we know that a comprehensive approach to safety is the best way to mitigate or eliminate worksite hazards and safety incidents.

Maloney Contractors

Ensuring worker safety is our top priority.

We have obtained the Certificate of Record (COR) certification from the BC Construction Safety Alliance. This certification confirms that we have a fully certified safety and health management system that meets provincial and national standards. Our safety program requires that management and employees:

  • understand their safety responsibilities,
  • are aware of possible workplace hazards and how to control these hazards,
  • contribute to a safe work environment by adhering to our safety policies and procedures,
  • identify and address new worksite hazards as they occur, and
  • document safety routines and incidents as outlined in our safety procedures.
Safety At Work

Safety For All

Because we strive for a zero-incident worksite, we have an exemplary safety record.

Maintaining and effective worksite safety program contributes to employee morale, and ultimately helps us to be a more effective company. If you have any questions about workplace safety at Maloney Contractors, contact us.